Teeth Whitening

No appointment necessary! Brighten your smile up to 6 shades whiter with professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening. Only a dentist can provide you with the best brightening result.

In August, we will now offer ‘walk-in whitening‘, no appointment necessary for $25!

Regularly priced, Take-Home teeth whitening costs $49 with an appointment.

This offer is for anyone who wants a beautiful, white smile up to 6 shades brighter in less than two weeks.

Walk-in at your convenience to any of the locations you see listed below and we’ll create custom whitening trays just for you.

This visit should take no more than 20min.

In one week or less, we’ll call you to come pickup your whitening kit. It’s that simple.

The greatest part about this teeth whitening option is knowing that you’ll be achieving optimal results. Over the counter or kiosk whitening doesn’t compare. Only a dentist can provide the best whitening solution. See our whitening guide comparing in-office and over the counter whitening options.

Walk-In Whitening is offered at the following locations:

MONDAY Cambridge, Kitchener, Scarborough, Waterloo TUESDAY Aurora, Newmarket, Scarborough WEDNESDAY Cambridge, Kingston, Kitchener, Scarborough, Waterloo THURSDAY Brooklin, Guelph, Oshawa, Scarborough FRIDAY Guelph

*Participating locations will honour the $25 offer with appointment any day of the week.

Teeth Whitening Comparison Chart

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